Your First Visit

The Luzato Medical Group, P.C. realizes that for most men, talking about their penis and sexual activity in this way is new. However, our specialists have had this conversation many times before, and are very knowledgeable. You are not going to be the first to ask a potentially embarrassing question – so just ask. When you are more open, our doctors are better able to find an appropriate solution for you.

Types of quotations asked
You may be asked very personal questions regarding your medical, social and sexual history. These questions are essential for finding the appropriate strategy to deal with your issues. 
Please answer all of our doctor’s questions as honestly as possible. If you feel uncomfortable at any time during visit, tell us and we will explain how the question is important to finding the diagnosis and treatment plan.

Before the Appointment
The Luzato Medical Group, P.C. recommends coming to the appointment with a quick list of issues or questions that you would like to discuss. Our doctors are happy to talk through your concerns to make this process easier for you. Additionally, you can download the ED questionnaire and give it to your doctor in order to ease your way into the discussion.

ED Questionnaire:
In order to fully understand your type of ED, your doctor will want to know your medical history. Here are some questions that he may ask:

Do you have trouble getting or keeping an erection or both?
How often does this problem occur?
How long have you been having trouble with your erections?
Did this problem arise suddenly or slowly?
Was there a major event that occurred before the onset of this problem?
Has this occurred with all your partners, if more than one?
Do you wake up in the night or early morning with an erection?
Do you get hard with stimulation, either visual or physical?
When you get an erection, are you able to penetrate your partner?
How often does your erection last for successful completion of intercourse?
Do you have any pain or have any curvature of your penis?
Do you smoke?
Do you drink alcohol? If so, how much?
Have you had surgery in your upper leg or abdomen region?
Do you have any medical conditions? 
What medications are you taking?
Do you feel stressed or depressed? 
Is your trouble with erections causing you to feel stressed?