Take Control of Your Sex Life

The Luzato Medical Group, P.C specializes in treating erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE). Our team of board certified urologists, cardiologists, internists and neurologists, most with over 22 years in practice, work together to determine the causes of ED and PE for each patient and perform almost all diagnostic testing in the privacy and comfort of their own office.

The Luzato Medical Groups, P.C. has successfully treated tens of thousands of patients with ED and PE by creating treatment programs that both allow patients to achieve normal erections and also halt the progression of any debilitating conditions. If you feel like you may have ED or PE, we invite you to look through the website and make an appointment.

ED and PE are common and highly treatable.

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation stem from several different system disorders. Therefore, successful treatment requires the expertise and experience of a board certified urologist to both diagnose the reasons for these conditions and to design a tailored treatment program that best suits the individual patient. 

ED and PE affect 15-30 million Americans and over 125 million men around the world. Don’t continue to be one of them. Allow us to end this embarrassment and discomfort - make an appointment today.